Blackfly Solutions is made up of the following people. We engage with you as individuals, but help each other on our projects, and make use of the Blackfly Solutions managed hosting platform.

Alan Dixon

Alan Dixon is a mathematician by training, with a BA in Mathematics at Carleton University and an MSc in Math at the Universidad de Costa Rica. He has been helping non-profits with their websites since 1997.

Karin Gerritsen

Karin is a biomechanist by training (she holds a Ph.D. from the University of Calgary). In 2001 Karin started Semper IT and has been using her computer programming skills towards web design and development for non-profits and very small businesses since. Karin always looks for solutions that engage her clients in their own projects and is very committed to non-profits: in her spare time she is an accredited volunteer for La Leche League Canada and an accredited community coach workshop facilitator for the local Orienteering club.

Rob Ellis

Rob Ellis is a skilled and experienced system administrator and Drupal developer. He has been working with nonprofits and their technology needs since 1991. His first big Drupal project was the federal NDP site for the 2004 election.

Susanna Celso

Since 1999 when she started hand-coding HTML, and the early 2000s and discovering CSS, Susanna has been building and maintaining websites. In 2007 she was introduced to the Drupal content management framework and has been using it ever since. Her specialty is Drupal theming.