Managed Hosting

We specialise in providing a managed hosting service for Drupal and CiviCRM sites, since 2007. Using dedicated servers in Canada, we provide a service built with container technology, that scales from very small to very large sites.

Our service provides security, speed, reliability, backups and monitoring for a surprisingly low monthly cost, backed by expertise that can fix the toughest of bugs.

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CiviCRM Implementation and Customization

Streamline and more easily manage information about all the people and organizations that are important to you.

Using CiviCRM you can: store contact information, track messages, send newsletters, manage memberships and set up petitions. It can also handle secure payment processing for fundraising and event planning. You can track different types of contributions, search and produce reports that can help you assess the success of your campaigns.

Any or all of these functions can be integrated with your web pages. We can also set up the application as a stand-alone service without linking to a public website.

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Web Development

We build sites that work. After an analysis of your visual and functional requirements we will plan and build a site with an emphasis on functionality and usability. We use Drupal for your content management for maximum flexibility, useability and future-proofing your investment.

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Any website is an continuously evolving project. We offer several support options depending on if you need ongoing help or just occasional technical support.

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Site Design

An attractive and engaging visual design is a critical part of a successful website. Where appropriate, we work with outside design specialists to come up with original visual designs for the sites we develop.

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Our focus for all the sites we build is on making it easy to use. We provide documentation and can also train your staff to make the most of the functionality available.

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