New Security Privacy Things

Submitted by adixon on

Security and privacy are core values, so we take them into account all the time, it's never a finished checkbox.

After a recent review of our systems by an enterprise security expert, I'm introducing a few new security/privacy things to my hosting services. They're all what I would consider 'security in depth' type measures - i.e. they're adding additional layers of security.

Since I'm due for a new physical server this summer, I'll take the opportunity to introduce some of these features first with the new server, after which I'll "backport" them to my existing services.

Heartbleed and Blackfly

Submitted by adixon on

The newly discovered Heartbleed bug did affect our servers, which use OpenSSL for https websites.

We've made use of the upstream patches for our version of Linux and our tests confirm that the vulnerability is now closed.

Drupal and CiviCRM hosting

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One of the services we're offering at Blackly is "Drupal and CiviCRM Hosting". My first thing I always say is: we're not running a hosting business. The reason I started hosting sites back in 2007 was because the other hosts I tried to use sucked and I decided I could do it better myself. Better means not only better direct experience for visitors to the sites, but less hassle during development and maintenance - i.e. less wasted developer time.

Introducing Blackfly Solutions

Submitted by adixon on

After a short and successful gestation period, I'm happy to open wide the doors of our new consultancy to the non-profit public.

Four years ago, I decided it was time to go it alone with my web development work. During that period I've enjoyed myself immensely and am proud of all the work I've accomplished: my client work, contributions to Drupal, contributions to CiviCRM, and balancing my work with my family life.