Here's what our clients have said about us.

Radka Poliakova

At PACE Independent Living, Karin/Semper IT won a very competitive bid to design and develop the organization’s web site that needed to be, first of all, accessible (compliant with the requirements of Accessibility for the Ontarians with Disabilities Act) and cost-efficient. One of the aspects of cost efficiency was the request to teach us how to update/maintain the website ourself.

Karin has been very responsive and sensitive to PACE’s needs. She was understanding during the process of development and made the best effort to accommodate our requests and needs. Karin has been proactive in suggesting fitting recommendations and seeking resolutions.

She has been a very considerate teacher, taking into account my busy office schedule. The training has been very effective.

Karin’s affiliation with Alan Dixon/Blackfly has proven to be resourceful and I believe that PACE benefited. In my experience, it is not quite automatic to enjoy such a reliable service.

Thank you!


Fiona Audy

Karin/Semper IT’s work for La Leche League Canada has given us a website that is everything we dreamed of but weren’t sure was actually possible. Karin and Alan’s ability to work together as a team to problem solve and find solutions for challenges as we transitioned from our old programs to the Drupal and CiviCRM programs has been amazing.

They have both been extremely responsive to our requests and have offered ideas and suggestions when they saw ways to do things more efficiently. Karin has with grace and patience taught our staff and volunteers, none of whom are particularly computer savvy, to do the day to day website and database maintenance on our own which is both cost and time effective for the organization. When we need development work or more complex programming tasks done they are right there to support us.

Karen Lior

Hi Alan and Reema,
I want to add my thanks for all your work on the site. I sent a message to our Board of Directors yesterday and they are thrilled with the new site. Thank you so much.
We have gotten many comments over the day, very positive, very impressed.

Frank DeJong

I have know and worked with Alan Dixon for about 7 years and have always found him highly professional, technically proficient, dependable and creative. My rapport with Alan continues to be productive, collegial. He comes highly recommended.

Geoff D'Auria

A few years ago, The Tyee found itself in a bit of a pickle. We had a great content management system in Bricolage, but not a great commenting system. Alan developed with The Tyee an innovative way to integrate Bricolage with Drupal, which had much more robust community management features, including a commenting module. It was a first-of-its-kind innovation and it’s been working well ever since. We’ve since expanded our site’s Drupal functionality in small but significant ways, each time relying on Alan’s wise counsel and expert skill set. Whenever we need updates or changes, Alan’s always quick to respond and easy to work with.

Larry Gordon

Fair Vote Canada has worked with Alan Dixon of Blackfly Solutions for several years. He is a top-notch partner for NGOs like us who are developing and finetuning an online strategy, programs and web site. He has provided excellence guidance on web functionality and has been responsive and attentive to our changoing needs and quickly solving the inevitable problems and glitches that arise with web sites. We highly recommend him to other NGOs.

Fair Vote Canada

Kathleen Cooper

We've been consistently happy with the work Alan and his colleagues have done for us at CELA and CPCHE. They are always fast, reliable, helpful and leave out the geekspeak and/or clearly explain it so we can communicate effectively in meeting our mulitple needs for website building, re-building, maintenance and hosting.

Christopher Waffle

I am glad that I was able to work with Reema Tarzi and Alan Dixon on a project involving the complete overhauling of my organization's website. They patiently explained all our options during an extensive and free consultation, worked on the overhauling rapidly and effectively, and were always available to answer my questions.

The Waterhole

Gillian Lynne-Davies

I’ve worked with Alan Dixon for several years and I can only say I am thrilled with the level of service he provides. I’ve had so many frustrating experiences in the past working with programmers who seem to be speaking a completely different language than me. Then I would find out that our inability to understand each other would end up costing me time and money.

One of Alan’s strongest attributes is his ability to communicate. If he doesn’t understand my request, we talk until we are both clear. Alan always brings me back to what it is I want to achieve and then together we find the best technical solution.

Through working with Alan, our organization has obtained products we are satisfied with and we have saved money using open-source solutions – what more can you ask for?

Tonya Surman

Working with Alan Dixon on our web infrastructure allows me to sleep at night. I have absolute trust that the project is moving forward and will be managed impeccably. I will no longer trust my site to anyone else.