Lars Sander-Green

Alan's CiviCRM hosting service is excellent. Uptime and stability are great. Alan is responsive, helpful, transparent and collaborative—everything you want from a host. Highly recommended!

Rob Hammers

On behalf of The Community Oak Park I'd like to thank you for your service. It's been great. You have been very responsive to any requests that I have made and helpful in providing me with tips/suggestions on how to do things with CiviCRM.

Daphne Simon

Our not-for-profit organization has been working with Blackfly Solutions for five years now. I don’t know where we would be without them.

It’s helped us to modernize our communications with our members and run smooth online elections for our Board of Directors.

Alan Dixon is an excellent problem solver with quite a bit of expert knowledge in the field. He has set up our systems to be user friendly so that staff are equipped to do quite a bit of independent work within the platform.

It’s a win win for everyone!

Sky Jacobs

We've been using Blackfly Solutions for many years and they are the best, especially if you need expertise with CiviCRM. Blackfly has gotten us out of serious jams several times, I highly recommend them!

Radka Poliakova

At PACE Independent Living, Karin/Semper IT won a very competitive bid to design and develop the organization’s web site that needed to be, first of all, accessible (compliant with the requirements of Accessibility for the Ontarians with Disabilities Act) and cost-efficient. One of the aspects of cost efficiency was the request to teach us how to update/maintain the website ourself.

Fiona Audy

Karin/Semper IT’s work for La Leche League Canada has given us a website that is everything we dreamed of but weren’t sure was actually possible. Karin and Alan’s ability to work together as a team to problem solve and find solutions for challenges as we transitioned from our old programs to the Drupal and CiviCRM programs has been amazing.

Frank DeJong

I have known and worked with Alan Dixon for about 7 years and have always found him highly professional, technically proficient, dependable and creative. My rapport with Alan continues to be productive, collegial. He comes highly recommended.