Green Party of Ontario: An Election Site

In 2007 in what many consider the breakthrough election for the Green Party of Ontario the party fielded a full slate of 107 candidates receiving over 8.0% up from 2.8% in the previous election. On election day the site had more than 20 000 visitors.

I got involved with the site only 3 months before that election subcontracted by Hypenotic who had been hired to design the site. They didn't have any experience with Drupal or CiviCRM which the GPO insisted on so I ended up doing a lot of work. The design was excellent and the site was a huge step forward for them contributing to the electoral success. On a more personal level back in 1993 I'd gone to the founding meeting of the Ontario Green Party so it was interesting to see how far they'd come towards respectability and viability as a political party. The site uses CiviCRM for a donation form.