Patients Canada: Building a Grassroots Policy Organization

Formed in 2011, Patients Canada (formerly the Patients’ Association of Canada) is a national, independent organization that champions health care change that matters to patients. As the culture within health care continues to evolve, there is increasing demand for patients to partner in guiding improvement in many areas of health care and across care settings. Patients Canada has pioneered the practice of bringing the authentic patient voice to health care decision-making, ensuring decisions reflect patient priorities.

In 2010, Patients' Association of Canada contacted Blackfly to help with their site, already partially built using Drupal. We built out additional pieces to the website, tweaked the design, and added in CiviCRM for contact management.

In 2013, the organization renamed itself Patients Canada and built a new site using, converting the Drupal/Civi site into a CiviCRM/secure site.