Rock Ridge Sport Horses: A Small Business Site

Rock ridge sport horses is a small family-run farm that provides breeding training and boarding services and also has quality horses for sale. It's owned and run by my sister Jenn and her husband Paul. You might have seen me wearing their sweatshirts. I created this site on my own initiative for them. I don't usually do this because if a website iniative doesn't come from the client then they're usually not interested enough to make it work. But family is like that and I got a couple of chickens out of the deal. Also the horse business is very conservative and I thought it'd be a good idea to get her site up early before horse trading goes to the web - the longer your site has been up the better from a google rank perspective. With our mother's help on QA (quality assurance) the site is now functional and even fun and Jenn is updating the site herself including adding new photos. I used the lightbox module for the neat jquery popups on the photos and customized the gespaa theme for the design.