PACE Independent Living

PACE Independent Living is a Toronto based Charity that provides programs and services to support people with physical disabilities. PACE is Leading and innovating to advance the quality of programs and services to support people with physical disabilities to live independently. If you've not heard from them yet: check out their new Drupal 7 website!

For this project we chose to go with Drupal 7 as it already contains many built-in accessibility features. The website is integrated with CiviCRM and we've recently configured and styled Event pages. PACE will be starting to use them in February. Online donations are configured as well. Karin is converting her CiviCRM CDNTaxReceipts module from D6 to D7 so that PACE will also be able to issue CRA compliant Tax Receipts from within its CiviCRM environment.

PACE's office manager has now effectively become their in-house webmaster - updating content at will. She is currently learning how to master blocks and how to configure civicrm event registrations and online donation.