Radka Poliakova

At PACE Independent Living, Karin/Semper IT won a very competitive bid to design and develop the organization’s web site that needed to be, first of all, accessible (compliant with the requirements of Accessibility for the Ontarians with Disabilities Act) and cost-efficient. One of the aspects of cost efficiency was the request to teach us how to update/maintain the website ourself.

Karin has been very responsive and sensitive to PACE’s needs. She was understanding during the process of development and made the best effort to accommodate our requests and needs. Karin has been proactive in suggesting fitting recommendations and seeking resolutions.

She has been a very considerate teacher, taking into account my busy office schedule. The training has been very effective.

Karin’s affiliation with Alan Dixon/Blackfly has proven to be resourceful and I believe that PACE benefited. In my experience, it is not quite automatic to enjoy such a reliable service.

Thank you!